There’s Tinder, X-rated Tinder, 3nder (Tinder for threesomes) and sites like and Ok Cupid, but Steve Harvey doesn’t think any of those are cutting it.In an attempt to offer relationship-minded singles a better alternative to what’s currently online dating, the author and entertainer created, a website aimed to help users “find love and keep it.” The new platform — which launched today — is a collaboration between Mr.

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Even if it's not for you, you’re at least curious about how it works.

That’s why I created and deleted a profile in sex minutes to give you a SFW taste of the newest NSFW dating app.

Apple and Google have banned Mixxxer from their app stores, so it is only available as a mobile site.

To log in, you can use a desktop, but from there you need to use your mobile device to sign in and navigate the site.

The difference here is that this site has the Steve Harvey touch. Harvey — whose official title in this endeavor is Chief Love Officer — is integrating customized videos and articles written by the man himself into the site. Harvey, but we’re sure both men and women could benefit from advice on dating and treating their partners well — this isn’t a gender thing. Now that he has both a dating site and a game show under his belt, perhaps Mr.

We’re not sure exactly how “customized” this content will be, but one could only hope his CLO duties include coaching each user personally as if he’s the modern Hitch. Harvey will reportedly be advising women on “how to become more dataeble” and enlightening men on how to become a man who knows how to treat a women, according to Mashable. Harvey should revive The Newlywed Game for his next undertaking.

Some people use Tinder just to hookup, but plenty more use it because they are looking for a relationship.

If you’re looking for a dating app that makes absolutely no pretense about what its users are looking for, then Mixxxer is for you.

Some might view this as tedious, others might view it as pleasantly private since you don’t have a Mixxxer icon on your phone and you don’t need to sign in through Facebook.