“Please pick us up, I'm still worried about Debbie and she can't go home looking like this.” Holly pleaded and then told me where they were.“Ok stay where you are and I will about 10 minutes.” I told Holly and then hung up the phone and threw on some clothes.I pulled the car up close to where the two 18 year olds who were sitting on a park bench Holly was cuddling Debbie in her arms.

I suggested we take her to the hospital and Holly freaked out and told me.

“No you can't take her there, they will call her parents and cops, can't we go to your place and let her rest?

” We drove back to my place and helped Debbie inside and laid her on the bed in the spare bedroom.

That's when I got to see what she really looked like and what had happened.

Debbie’s dress was torn and she had be redressed and the buttons didn't line up, both her bra and panties were missing and I could make out cum stains all over her body and by the amount of cum on her it must have been a few men.

“Let's get her into the shower and you clean her up.” I told Holly. ” Holly explained that they were at my place and then asked Debbie. ” “I went outside with one of the boys from the party and I was fucking him when two of his friend’s turned up, that's all that I remember.” Debbie told us.Holly removed Debbie's dress and then removed her own clothes, I then helped her put Debbie into the shower with Holly who began washing Debbie's body. “Your such a slut, you will fuck anyone.” Holly yelled at Debbie I was shocked that how Holly had called her best friend a slut, but was more surprised at how they began kissing each other and running their hands over each other's body in front of me.Granddaughter needs help It was 1am when my phone rang and woke me up from another of my sexy dreams, it was my granddaughters friend Holly.I could tell she was upset and distressed as she explained she didn't know who else to call for help.“Debbie and me were at a party and she disappeared for a couple hours.” Holly explained then went on to say.“I found her at a nearby park and she has no memory of what has happened.” “Is she now alright, do you want me to pick you both up.” I asked.