Pink is a fairly new entrant into the online lesbian dating scene, beginning its journey in 2012.The site does have more than 20,000 unique visitors every month – that’s pretty impressive for a site that’s only been around for three or four years. People like this site for reason and that reason is that it does a good job of providing you relevant matches that actually live near you.

Let me tell you about a guy I know, “Rob.” Rob recently decided to jump into the world of online dating. Whether it’s a wink, a poke, or whatever your online dating site chooses to call it, the “nudge” is probably the most useless function in online dating.

I helped him edit his profile, and it was pretty good, if I do say so myself. “Would you like me to take a look at your first-contact emails, see if anything jumps out at me? Simply put, to be successful in dating, you have to be assertive at some point - no one else can make you create a profile, or send an email, or arrange a date.

To the best of my knowledge, he seemed to be doing everything “right.” I was confident he’d have no trouble getting responses on the site he chose. The wink, however, encourages a passive level of behavior.

I ran into him a few weeks later, and asked him how it was going. You’re essentially leaving everything up to your potential match.

It’s a great tool geared for those members only wanting a casual hook up.

This site is easy to use and is caters for its members needs.

In addition this site has no advertisements, which makes for a pleasurable online experience.

Pink Wink is one of the fastest growing lesbian sites because it clean and doesn’t have unnecessary extras but it would be nice in future if they did offer forums, and maybe blogs.

“No one’s responded to me when I wink at them.” And there was the problem.

More to the point, while your nudge may lead them to your profile, it doesn’t add anything to the picture of your personality.

In contrast, an email might allow for an extra joke, another question to jump start a conversation, and most importantly, additional insight into your personality.