Upon graduation, she took a job as an operator in Phone Sex.Quitting it early, she adopted her stage name and her surname “Goldberg” was given to her by her mother.

In 1979 the two got divorced and she wasn’t married till she met cinematographer David Claessen in 1985.

After dating for some time, they got married a year later but then again separated just two years later, without any kids together.

Whoopi was later with her third husband actor Lyle Trachtenberg, whom she was married to for a year only.

An American by nationality, she was brought up as a Jew and belongs to black ethnicity. She has been in three different married relationships and her other affairs before marriage are also discussed in public.

She has been linked to have dated actors like ted Danson and Frank Langella.

At just 17 years of age, she was married first time to Alvin Martin in 1973.

The couple had one daughter together; Alexandrea Martin who is also an actress.

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Report This Page Whoopi Goldberg was born as Caryn Elaine Johnson, who is an actress. A to her mother Emma who was a nurse as well as a teacher and her father Robert James Johnson Jr., was a clergyman.

TV personality, writer, political activist and comedian. After her parents separated while she was still a young girl, she was raised by her mother at Chelsea-Elliot Houses, and she says that her mother is a strong and smart lady.

Moving around a lot, she studied in more than one schools, and was inspired by acting and stage acts from an early age.