LOL…I guess that is why it has to come under ‘for those who care‘…Yvonne Nelson is currently on a trip to USA and according to her people, she is there to attend SOME red carpet events…No names of these events have been provided…Hope it is not what I am thinking!

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Jon was reported to have confirmed that indeed he had something to do with Yvonne and once again, she denied having anything to do with Jon.

To date, it is not certain which one of them should be believed.

Never before has a single Ghanaian actress been reported to have dated a footballer and three musicians, yet she says they are all ‘rubbish’ even when one of the musicians has come out to say the reports are true.

The actress’ fans have since been trying to ascertain the truth of the pregnancy speculation. I’m sure that was what people saw and started making noise about.” “I’m not pregnant. It is every woman’s dream to get married and make babies like I said earlier on. When the right time comes, definitely everybody will know,” she emphasized. This is not the first time Yvonne is generating controversy about her relationship status.

When a Ghanaian newspaper NEWS-ONE caught up with Yvonne for a clarification on the issue, lo and behold she still had a flat belly, totally different from what she had in the photographs that have stirred the controversy. Even though I wish to happily get married one day and have children, it is not true that I am pregnant. If it is not there yet, you don’t make it look as such. Just last year, reports were that she was in a love relationship with Ghanaian soccer hero Derrick Boateng.

Just when Ghanaians started to accept the news as a truism, Yvonne made a u-turn, claiming she and the footballer were just close friends and that there was nothing intimate between them.Then the name of another Ghanaian musician/TV show personality “Jon Germain” popped up.She took to twitter to tear the Ghanaian actress apart..choi! Karen later deleted her tweets and jokingly claimed she was was also hacked. “Pictures do not tell lies” became the chorus on people’s lips when photographs of a pregnant Yvonne Nelson started circulating in Accra Ghana, especially on social networks.The sexy and tall actress has over the years insisted that she does not have a man in her life, therefore the photographs generated a lot of curiosity and the question was who might be responsible for the pregnancy.A couple of media houses even mentioned the name of a top Togolese footballer who frequents Ghana as the man responsible for Yvonne’s pregnancy and added that the actress was expected to give birth in a few months. I tweeted a picture from a movie and said I’m pregnant in my new movie.