However, the former T4 presenter got off to a difficult start after clashing with JS: I care about the future and I don’t want to live in the past.I think that Britain is stronger in Europe for three reasons.The first reason is economically, we will be poorer if we leave Europe we will, because three million British jobs are linked with those who we trade with in the EU. I need to be convinced JS: Yes we can — those are government statistics TP: No they’re not, no they’re not JS: Yes they are, I didn’t just come up with them TP: Well, who’s come up with three million job losses?

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actress explained that she was pro-EU because Britain alone is just ‘a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island’.

They then seemed to have a royal endorsement after hacks thought Prince William hinted that he was a Europhile in a speech to the Foreign Office.

Alas Kensington Palace were quick to put out a statement denying this was the case.

So the In campaign must have been hoping it would be a case of third time lucky on June Sarpong — the Britain Stronger in Europe board member — appeared on the current affairs show to offer a pro-EU perspective on the panel.

and five million jobs in the EU are linked directly with the UK economy Sarpong was regurgitating a 15-year-old estimate that 3m jobs are linked to exports sold to the EU.

But demand for these goods is hardly dependent on our EU membership: they’ll still be drinking whisky after Brexit. Given that a poll — carried out by James Morris from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner — on the most trusted voices in the campaign found that Sarpong was trusted by a mere 19 per cent, BSE may wish to field a different spokesperson next time around.

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June Sarpong’s brother Sam Sarpong has died at the age of 40 after falling from a bridge in Los Angeles yesterday.

Reports claim the model and TV host had been standing on the Pasadena bridge for seven hours, with police and firefighters trying to talk him down.