THE SURPRISE SUCCESS AND THE "SCULLY EFFECT" Fans kept asking Duchovny and Anderson if they predicted the success of the show, but they didn't. " As far as the ongoing mythology of the show, "We were just trying to keep up," Duchonvy said. Some of the mythology came out of practical concerns, such as when Anderson got pregnant and to excuse her absence, her character was abducted. "I thought, 'Oh my God, I have three hours to sit next to this guy.' And I was despairing. I'm Flukeman.'" THE ENDING At the Paley Center, Duchovny and Anderson had to be reminded of what actually happened in the show's finale ("That's crazy shit! "It's impossible to end a show that runs that long in a way that's satisfying for all the fans," Duchovny added. " Anderson asked an audience member at NYCC, and was told that fans wanted more answers to the conspiracy theories.

Here are a couple of the key topics covered this weekend by the twosome, who, despite having foggy memories, seemed closer than ever, cuddling on red carpets. Scully." "But there were problems in the relationship before I came along, okay? "I personally enjoyed the fact that they didn't get together for a really long time," Anderson said, "that the writers were clever enough to drag it out, so that even the touch of a hand or a hug was meaningful." (At this, Duchovny touched her shoulder lightly). "At the very beginning, they wanted us to button scenes with looks toward each other," Anderson said. "Does it make sense that it would have been during 'All Things'? That was my impression," Duchovny said, adding, "When we came back to do the second film years later, it was weird to be Mulder — but it wasn't weird to be Mulder and Scully." Anderson and Duchovny also don't think the second film closed out the relationship between their characters. "That stuff doesn't die." THE SPEEDO Mulder was the thinking-woman's sex symbol, something fans reminded Duchovny of when they told him that they had crushes on him. Part of that could have something to do with Mulder's infamous red Speedo scene, which Duchonvy revealed was his own swimsuit and is now in the Smithsonian. '" FAVORITE CRAZY MOMENTS When asked about eating a cockroach in the "Humbug" episode, Anderson suggested an alternate topic — "Penis tricks! " ("I think he means on the show," Duchovny joked). Anderson was also a fan of the Darin Morgan–penned episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," in which Scully is told she won't die. and there will be more about that in the third movie." A fan brought up the episode "Home," and the actors said they were surprised that it turned out to be so controversial, but conceded they could see why. "They took it out of the rotation, because people were grossed out, and standards and practices couldn't deal with it." "You can show a ," Anderson laughed, "but you can't show ..." THE WRITERS Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, also was an X-Files writer. "Hannibal Lecter could eat Mulder," she suggested, referring to her role on Hannibal.

touching each other throughout the panels, and picking romantic clips to show at the Paley Center. "And I remember thinking, 'Uh ...'" "I don't think it was written in the script," Duchonvy said. " and Anderson laughed, "Do I really have to explain that to you? " "It could have also been the miracle-baby thing," someone pointed out, to which Duchonvy said, "Ah ... "I think he was every woman's crush object," Anderson told Vulture. "I think Chris Carter wanted me to wear board shorts because he's a California guy," the actor said at the Paley panel. Let me wear my suit." When a political question was posed the next day at Comic-Con, Duchonvy quipped, "I didn't know we were going to have to be smart. During "Humbug," the Jim Rose Circus were guests, and invited the cast to observe what Duchovny called their "organ origami": "Swollen Thumb, Flying Squirrel, the Hamburger" the actor started rattling off the names of shapes made with male genitalia. "I remember reading about the mother under the bed and thinking, 'Whoa! "Some of his episodes were some of our favorites, I would say," Duchovny said. "And on Californication, she'd be game for a guest spot playing "a Scully-impersonating stripper" with whom Hank Moody has sex.

Mulder and Scully shippers should know that even Anderson slipped and called Duchovny "Mulder" at one point during the Paley panel, to the sold-out crowd's delight. "It was mostly us, just doing what felt right in the moment. no." But Duchonvy and Anderson are themselves confused about the status of the Mulder-Scully relationship in the last film in 2008. I want to answer questions about the Speedo." (This is not to say that they didn't get political — Anderson quipped when asked about conspiracy theories, "The most ridiculous conspiracy I've heard lately is that Obama is trying to ruin America with a health plan! Anderson's favorite episode, "Bad Blood," for instance, is a Gilligan-penned creation, and she picked the autopsy scene from that episode as a clip to show at the Paley Center. "We go by the material, not by the people, but he writes good material, so you'd say, 'Yeah!

And, the two actors revealed at NYCC that when they exchange e-mails with each other, they sometimes sign off with "Mulder" or "Scull-bag." A If Fox were trying to launch The X-Files today, Duchovny predicted that they would cast "younger people." Anderson added, "And they'd get more money. And people would binge-watch." Duchovny mentioned that the show would likely be on cable with fewer episodes, because 25 episodes a year was a brutal schedule. I know if it were me, and they wrote that I had to touch your hand ..." "You wouldn't have touched me? ") THE CREEPY CRAWLIES "I think I had snakes in my pants once," Duchovny said when asked about gross-out moments on the show. ' We'd work with Vince, probably, depending on the material," Duchovny said.

"You're going to have some crap on, because it's just not humanly possible. Also good X-Files scribes that they'd be interested in talking to — Howard Gordon, now on Homeland, and Darin Morgan, who always penned "a superior script," a phrase Duchovny often repeated during the Paley panel.

You can have twelve great episodes, but nobody should have to do 25 hours of television." Recalling the days of appointment television, the actors marveled at all the fans who came up and talked about how they grew up watching The X-Files with their families — until the cumulative effect of all the baby-philes coming forward made them feel old. I never expected it to last more than a week or two," Duchovny said. "I love Darin, but he takes a long time." Duchovny also recalled on Reddit that when he first met Morgan, he didn't recognize him, because the writer had also played Flukeman and was in costume and makeup at the time."A couple of months later, I was on a flight from Vancouver to L. "I didn't think it was a fault of ours," Duchovny deadpanned. "Let's just stop with how young everybody was when they started watching! "Let's put an end to that." (When Anderson talked about the "chemical impact" the show had on people by watching it together, Duchovny joked that that's how baby-philes are made). How long can you go before people are pissed that they haven't seen the alien? A., and a guy sat next to me, and started asking me a bunch of inane questions," Duchovny said. "), and when the question came up again at NYCC, Duchovny reminded the audience that they don't remember a lot of the specifics. Anderson remembered having a water fight at the end of the last episode, "and I think I won." But back to the finale. Posted on Jun 30, 2011 It appears that Tea Leoni and David Duchovny will soon be a folder in the Ex Files. Sorry, had to.) After 14 years of marriage, the two have separated. You’ll probably remember that they also split in 2008 when it came to light that David suffered from sex addiction.But after he went to rehab, they got back together and renewed their vows in 2009. I love these two together, so am sad about this split.But since there’s no use crying over spilled milk, here, who we think David should date next.Mulder and Scully first met twenty years ago, and to commemorate the anniversary, X-Files stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson talked up a storm this weekend — at the Paley Center, at New York Comic Con, and on Reddit. THE ROMANCEDuchovny and Anderson reminded Vulture prior to the Paley panel that the pilot of The X-Files contained an impediment to the Mulder-Scully relationship that was cut out — Scully's boyfriend Ethan, portrayed by Tim Ransom. "The first actual scene I shot in the pilot was a scene with Scully's boyfriend. " "Then later, she takes a call with Mulder, while she's in bed with this guy," Duchovny recalled. " "That would have been a good scene," Anderson laughed. "I was in a particularly bad mood that year," Duchovny said. And it seemed to me that we got everything we needed, and I said, 'When do we get the fuck out of here? What we do is we take the queen bee away from the hive and the bees become disoriented because they no longer have a woman to work for, and that's why they don't sting so much. I think we could act together, but it would have to be very specific." "I think it would be better if we did comedy," Anderson said. I hate that winking, meta-meta-meta shit," Duchovny said.