The fact that he did truly love her was the feather in her cap of self-confidence.

What we came to in our session was all of these new accessories -- Abby wears a lot more jewelry and has more fun with textures and there's a collection of vintage Chanel belts.

We looked at that and went, "If this is happening from the neck down, then the makeup and hair really have to match." It was either go "wallflower" with Abby or if she really is going to become more stylish, then we need to have her hair and makeup really reflect that more.

We went to [showrunner] Shonda [Rhimes] with it and she loved the idea and approved it right away.

With Abby's storyline, since the series started we've seen her grow more confident in her personal life.

She was always super confident in her work life but in season two, she fell in love.

There was one empowering moment that she talks about in the "Seven Fifty-Two" episode in season two -- although David's and Abby's relationship had gone down the crapper, he did love her and her gut was right.

Abby has never trusted her gut; coming from an abusive past, she can be very confused or very beat-up or dysfunctional.

's Abby Whelan has found her groove and isn't looking back.

The "perving, sexting, pervy-perv" has a hot new style to match her newfound self-confidence, and actress Darby Stanchfield is having a field day with the material in the third season of ABC's breakout political drama.