Think of it as a glimpse into the Internet's brain.Fox Reality Channel—the network who will give just about anyone their own reality show— debuted their newest venture this saturday: Seducing Cindy.So, what kind of men did the network pick as possible love-matches?

Over the course of eight, one-hour episodes, the newly-single Margolis will put her heart on the line, with a variety of potential partners, to find her ultimate soul mate.

The suitors will range from the suave and sophisticated to the self-confessed “internet nerds,” who catapulted her to mass popularity and fame.

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Did we mention yet that there's a contestant who is so creepily obsessed with Cindy that he admits to having a shrine to her back home?

But what Americans are really going to care about is Cindy Margolis, the most-downloaded woman on the Internet Casting Producers are looking for men from 19 to 49 years old who are up for the battle to win the affection of Playboy Playmate Cindy Margolis in the new dating show, "Sex and the Cindy! I can find 18,000 vaginas with the mere click of a mouse.Former Playboy model Cindy Margolis is starting up a new venutre: a reality dating show for FOX.She will be meeting and going on dates with a variety of dudes, hoping to meet Mr. According to Radio Business Report, the guys will range from "suave and sophisticated to the self-confessed 'internet nerds,' who catapulted her to mass popularity and fame."From Radio Businesss Report: Fox Reality Channel is set to begin production and casting for its newest original series, The Cindy Margolis Dating Project (working title).The dating show features Cindy Margolis, who gained fame for being the most downloaded woman on the internet, and a 2008 Playboy celebrity cover model.Produced by Glassman Media, the show begins production in early June.