on the SNICK lineup back in 1994, aired for 4 years on Nickelodeon.Due to a truck that spilled a secret chemical on our hero, called GC-161, liquefying herself was just one of Alex’s many powers – powers that she kept hidden from everyone except for her sister and her best friend Ray.

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The Woodland Hills, California actress only had one role before taking on the part of Annie – she was, in fact, the flash-forward version of 18-year-old Mabel on alongside Dean Cain.

That doesn’t mean that Meredith hasn’t graced your television screen recently. Here’s a somewhat-recent ad she’s in for Jimmy Dean.

Benjamin Kimball Smith as Louis Driscoll Best friends are great, but isn’t it annoying when your bestie has that loudmouth other-friend you kind of have to get along with, because he’s there? Alex wasn’t too fond of him, but she did the best she could.

You may not be able to call up Lena Dunham to meet for drinks, but you can have that smart, candid conversation with her that you've been dreaming of — vicariously, anyway.

In a recent sit-down interview with Grantland, Lena opens up about her Brad Renfro crush, loving women's tennis, dealing with backlash, and what it was like to learn that her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, used to date Scarlett Johansson.

Lena also hilariously shares which Girls character she's most like in real life according to a recent Buzz Feed quiz, and spoiler alert: it isn't Hannah.Watch the full interview above, and check out some of the best quotes below.Thankfully, Larisa’s typical interactions with fans are pretty normal. During the end of Alex Mack, Darris appeared on three episodes of twice – each role being 7 years apart. Currently serving as a partner with a food technology venture based in Boise, ID called Insta FOODs International, which aims to help millions of malnourished adults and children worldwide.In an interview with a student from the Pinewood School, where she graduated, she claimed “When people recognize me, they tell me they grew up with me, and we can relate. Michael Blakley as George Mack Michael played George, Alex’s father who had no clue she could shoot electricity through her fingertips. In fact, not too much is known about Michael Blakley.It’s really fun to have a conversation with them about the show.” Darris Love as Ray Alvarado Darris had a great time on Nickelodeon playing Alex’s BFF Ray, and in an interview with the Huffington Post, made note that the network allowed the young cast members to embrace their childhoods. In 1999, he played a Flight Manager in the TV Movie Annie helped girls realize that science is awesome.“We’d come into our dressing room and it’ll be filled with Gak and toys that come from our brand and our product,” Love said. Not only was she key in trying to test the GC-161, but she was loyal to Alex by keeping the event to herself.