During their CES keynote on Wednesday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and chief content officer Ted Sarandos offered some insight into the company’s movie business as well as the eye-popping performance of Sandler’s new film.Since debuting exclusively on Netflix, “The Ridiculous Six” has been seen more times in 30 days than any other movie in Netflix history.

They went on to work together in Beverly Hills 90210 (1990), Conversations in Limbo (1998), and Darkness Falling (2003).

This week, the Republican National Convention is taking place in Cleveland.

If you haven't been watching, check out our rundown of candidates and some of the highlights.

Will the "Never Trump" campaigners manage to nominate a different candidate So there I was, elbows-deep in my Pokemon GO addiction and trawling the Internet for knowledge of or relating to why my Pokeballs always seem to rocket-launch into outer space, when I made a discovery.

I discovered that Alakazam—the final evolved form of Abra—looks like...

More → academic schedules researching what it would have been like if the *other* baby born in July of 1980 had been the prophesied Chosen One, instead of Harry Potter.

Imagine an alternate universe in which Neville Longbottom's nursery was invaded... Our favorite works of fiction have no shortage of examples on both sides of the equation to really illuminate what... My boyfriend of over a year sent me a link to a game via Dropbox, but he didn't just send me the link; he sent the entirety of his Dropbox contents on accident. More → , the more I am given to understand that I was supposed to be a wizard.

More → is your ticket, consider strutting down to your local Barnes & Noble for DC™ day on July 23, as a part of Get Pop Cultured. Magic is all about sporting questionable outfits and shouting nonsense in public, and I already do both of those things. More → to be named after him, don't think we're giving Potter a pass.

Be first in line for a free Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad #1 Special Edition giveaway... We happen to think that there are a great many ways in which Hermione is actually better than Harry.

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But according to Netflix, the slapstick Western is hardly a joke.