The rapper was a bit disappointed in the move and admitted he was a “causality of the game” as a result. native said that he’d been working with Tiara for two years and didn’t expect her to go on and sign with producer Rico Love’s label. “She did what she had to do and what was in her best interest.

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Hmmm a beautiful woman who sings and spits surprisingly fierce rhymes over a drumless bed of acoustic guitar.

Am I the only one thinking about using the L-word to describe this?

Earlier this month, the rumor mill got to spreading news that Wale and Rihanna allegedly engaged in some sort of sexual relationship.

It all started when someone leaked photos of what appeared to be a private message between Wale and another Twitter user.

In the message, Wale basically bragged about sleeping with Rih Rih.

Now there hasn’t really been any evidence that proved the image’s authenticity, but of course it spread across the net like wildfire. I’m honest with my joints though.”“The thing about Rihanna is her realness. When you have a friend like that, that got more than you, you just gotta appreciate the friendship.

During a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Wale slammed the rumors and expressed that they had the potential to be really damaging to his working relationship with Rih Rih. You gon’ smoke alot, you gon’ chill, you gon’ dance, it’s gonna be a movie around you.

According to his Instagram page, the two have been collaborating on a song together.“I was like ‘It got real…’ Just know it turned into a real thing.

And I was like, ‘This is gonna mess up my potential working relationships’.