Chatru is a tiny village, with an official population of just 120, situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

His guide book explains the topography and the trails of the surrounding hills in great detail.

Due to constant influx of climbers, the book has now found a permanent place at the dhaba and the climbers can borrow it to explore the area in and around Chatru.

In August, 2014; Tuhin also took advantage of Phil’s research and tried his hand at bouldering in the area.

While the erratic weather allowed him to train only couple of hours a day, his bouldering experience in Chatru would certainly help him in his future climbs.

In fact, more number of trekkers come here and set base for their trails than there are permanent residents.

Late last year, India’s climbing sensation, Pune-based, Tuhin Satarkar decided to leave the familiar sight and sounds of Sahyadris and headed to the mighty Himalayas.

Chatru is famous for bouldering and the dhabas situated at the bank of the river Chandra (next to the Chatru Bridge) provides for the perfect base camp for the climbing enthusiasts.

Phil – a British climber – spent weeks in Chatru, exploring and charting new routes.

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