A recent Git runtime is required (1.7.9 minimum, 1.8.x recommended).Interaction with the Git runtime is performed by the use of the Git Client Plugin, which is only tested on official git client.Use exotic installations at your own risk.— This plugin provides the credential provider to use Google Cloud Platform OAuth Credentials (provided by the Google OAuth Credentials plugin) to access source code from https://source.developer.as well as https://*.

In general, you should use the methods described above instead. You will then need to restart Jenkins (many containers let you do this without restarting the container) Caveat: the names of the plugin directories on the download site are not always matching the name given to the plugin; common sense should apply.

To install a specific older version of a plugin (or downgrade from a newer version), you can upload it from your computer on the This method requires that you are familiar with how plugin dependencies work, otherwise the plugin may fail to load, or in severe cases, break Jenkins.

You can subscribe to plugin releases via RSS (or here) or via Twitter.

Plugin developers should take a look at Hosting Plugins. Jenkins has native support for Subversion and CVS as well as the following plugins: — This plugin allows use of Git as a build SCM, including repository browsers for several providers.

It supports both kinds of credentials provided by Google OAuth Credentials plugin : Google Service Account from metadata as well as Google Service Account from private key.— The Pretested Integration Plugin offers a branchy approach to pretested integration (also known as pre-tested commits), which upholds the invariant; that for a specific branch, known as the integration branch, all commits have been verified.— Integrates Jenkins with Rational Team Concert for Jenkins Builds which use Git as source control.

This plugin will create traceability links from a Jenkins build to Rational Team Concert Work Items and build results.

— Create smart views with exactly the jobs you want.

The plugin requires at least one shell script or batch file to be created that can run a Visualworks image with the Store CI-Polling package loaded.— This plugin creates an extra Git Plugin Behaviour, thus helping you use AWS Keys when checking out from AWS Code Commit Service and avoiding the need to customize your ~/.gitconfig for usage with the awscli tool.— Feature Branch Notifier is an alternative solution to launching builds dynamically on different branches.

Instead of cloning projects and configuring them to work on different branches, one job's builds will run on branches that have updates.