Some sites offer more formats for conversation, and some are easier to use than others.It’s up to you to find a site that suits your personality and desires.

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Imagine that the economy is squeezing your wallet, and the possibility for dates in your area are slim to none. What do you do in this situation if you want to find that perfect someone to share your life?

One answer is to find a free online dating service, or a service that offers free options to meet other like-minded individuals.

The following sites are up your alley, as the first group are totally free, and the other sites offer free trials, free basic memberships or free options to meet people through specific formats.

Since you have a choice among fifty sites, we hope that you’ll find a venue that suits your needs.

Each site is different, and it doesn’t hurt to try them out to see if you want to pay for that extra commitment.

The following sites usually require payment for registration and use, but they’ve offered new members a chance to try the sites with a trial membership.

Be careful, as those trial periods seem to end faster than they started, and your credit card will feel the punch.

Time is all you need — along with a little charm, a great photo and a willingness to be patient in your quest to find your soulmate.

We don’t favor one site over another; therefore, the sites below are listed in alphabetical order under each category.