Performing at the Tokoroa Soccer club with Hollywoodfun Downstairs, the brothers Threat stumbled their way through 30mins of aborted songs and out of time pieces before badly mangling Mudhoneys 'Touch Me I'm Sick' and the Gun Clubs 'Sex beat' to end on an embarrassing note. 10.) TMP can't play a song - While most 2 piece era Threat. Protocol sets ended with at least 30% of the songs being ruined by drunkeness, musical ineptitude and wannabe 'Pete Townshead' shenanigans - on occasion TMP couldn't even play a song. turning four we have compiled their top 10 'Fuck ups' spanning a career that has seen more low than highlights.

9.) TMP make friends with everyone - At the the height of Tauranga Music Sux infamy for naming and shaming Tauranga's most pompous bands, TMP drummer Stefan Braunias was thought to be the architect of all bile.

So when it was announced that Threat, would be playing the inaugural Bummerslam at Krazy Jacks on the 19th August of 2011 they had a little welcoming party of 'fans' waiting across the road for the writer/s to introduce themselves to their fists.

Scowlin Wolf feeling he wasn't popular enough already then went on to make friends with one of the other bands Kid Cynical who weren't too pleased with the notion that Stefan would be 'too drunk to play last' and offered to take the PA system they brought with them from Rotorua home early if they didn't go on before the hometown band, TMP. 8.) TMP release an EP record on a dictaphone - What most bands would call a demo, TMP decided was a studio quality release.

Stefan of course too drunk to play last and Scowlin rather flustered and pissed off from an evening of social anxiety then noise polluted their way through a set that the Krazy Jacks bar manager tried to first drown out with their in house PA before unplugging the power supply to TMP's equipment. '13 Farmcore Favourites' which consisted of only 6 songs recorded by Dick T.

TMP would be the last band to play Hamish's Major Toms proving that they are the biggest of hypocritical fuckwits. A misguided publicity attempt to maximise public exposure for both Muzai and the Protocols ended with Muzai unscathed but Threat. Protocols reputation in Auckland with everyone but Jack Brock in tatters.

6.) Auckland hates TMP - Up until Luke joined the band in 2013 on keyboard, TMP had a proud history of terrible Auckland gigs. 5.) The Tunnel Tour - A 2 day tour covering the North Islands famed Tunnel venue circuit. Well they paid them attention and gave them chances and hooked them up with other like minded bands and showed faith in them sight unseen and tried to release their music and treated them as friends those bastards. In retrospect maybe they shouldn't have said they were going to prison style rape Martin Phillips of God Bows to Math after all...From their first gig which they didn't even get to play, their second where all their gear broke 5mins before playing to a variety of fuck ups supporting Pairs, opening for Rackets, Ipswich and others Threat. TMP played to crowds as big as Paul Harvey, 2 truant girls and a couple of friendly policeman in Turangi, some jaded businessmen in Wellington and a drunk, semi belligerent hobo in Hamilton. 3.) EP Release Party - In aid of the release of their new EP 'Pretentious' TMP chose to forgo playing a gig as most bands would do in favour of staging an instore release party at Tracs CD sand Dvds.Phone at the Jimmy Barnes Barn was then offered to Muzai Records their label at said time only to announce that it was 'too good' and 'professionally recorded' to waste on an independent company like theirs. 7.) TMP hate Hipsters - Writing the seminal classic 'Hipster Cliches' after being invited to play Auckland scenester bar Cassette 9.So tape in hand they self released to the silence of an industry. The song went on to gain popularity within local circles after a hate video featuring cascading pictures of some of the hardest trying try hards from Major Toms fame went viral.Taking umbrance to this with good reason, then Major Toms owner Hamish confronted Stefan over said video in turn provoking TMP into a series of petulant publicity stunts.However all was resolved when Scowlin realised that while half of his bar mat have been poseur wankstains Hamish was actually the nicest guy around and had some killer music taste.