I had a similar experience to all these other reviewers and would be more than happy to be included in a class action lawsuit.If for nothing else than to put them out of business and prevent others from paying large sums of money for nothing but hollow promises.The short version is, I fell for the sales pitch and got talked out of $2000 by this company which then made no effort to match me accurately.

I signed up for 20 referrals with unlimited hold time in July 2010... I called, sent repeated emails and even drove over to the office.

I found out they closed down and reopened as another dating service.

How do we go after these people who are taking our money? I became a "VIP" client in 2008 with all the assurances of matching me from a roster of pre-qualified candidates of which I was told there were many.

I was drawn to this service by their so-called screening process having faith in Brenan **, their head matchmaker. Needless to say, the few dates I had were not even a close match.

Then they closed up shop and passed their contacts (except me) along to another company. His name is Paul **, and every few years he shuts down one dating company and opens another to make it difficult for people to sue him or put together a class action suit. Paid lots of money for a lifetime membership with unlimited holds on my account.

Decided to take my account off hold and now there is no company to do the matchmaking.The company should give everyone a refund since they have broken contracts.The Right One was better than other dating services (based in Dallas), but now out of business.Women I met through them had similar interests/hobbies and same ethnic/race and religion (unlike may services I have used).They went out of business before my contract was up (they broke the contract), and disappeared where I do not know who to contact to get a refund.A different dating service has taken over their telephone number and disavows all knowledge of the Right One. When I tried to contact them again in 2012, I couldn't get a hold of anyone.