Everyone turns into a human, and they end up in school! He's got his own ideas about tact, social graces and virtue: they're overrated. Starscream become infected with tainted energon, and crashes while looking for the Autobot base. Primus has a cruel sense of humour in choosing the unlikeliest of couples to bring forth a new generation. Happened before Wheatley became a monster, and he won't be one. What happens when Ledger's Joker decides to take a hiatus from crime, dabble in journalism and dispense his opinions to the faithful readers of Gotham's premier advice column? But one day on the job, he really realizes just how one rotten day can change your life forever... That occasion was much longer ago, when she was working to pay for her Academy tuition fees... AU]There hasn't been a true 'child' Cybertronian in millennia even before the war.

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I would like to thank Nitro Station and Plenoptic for inspiring this One-Shot. With Megatron's apparent death, Shockwave sets in motion his own plans, and Starscream must make hard choices. Smutty Sound/Air goodness with mentions of Knockout/Airachnid - basically your average PWP, albeit with a not-so-average pairing. Request for Emmy-16 (who also made the lovely cover), takes place during Rock Bottom.

TFP Starcee fanfic, AU from the beginning of Patch. )(Episode 1 of Transformers Prime: Invasion) In order revitalize his Insecticon army, Megatron awakens Kickback, the last of Shockwave's Hive Masters, and Airachnid to control him. Knockout is charged with taking the newly arrived Airachnid under his wing.

With Cybertron restored and under Decepticon control, Starscream and Arcee find themselves thrown together in an attempt to keep Vos (and the Autobots) out of Megatron's clutches. H is up to their usual tricks, and unfortunately Arcee and Starscream are captured and are pressured to produce a sparkling together. In the struggle for dominance, Kickback and Airachnid's shared history is revealed, along with the surprising reasons behind Airachnid's behavior. To say she is a diversion to his work would be an understatement...

EDIT 02/05/2016: So at this point I feel a little obligated to say that, as of a few weeks ago, I've been officially diagnosed with depression and as some of you know I've been suffering its effects for a lot longer than that. With Megatron refusing to help him, Starscream gets some help from an unlikely bot... Prowl/Arcee, RID verse, oneshot Request for Emmy-16. Because Optimus wasn't the only one left in the wreckage... With promotions come both perks and responsibilities.

I'm currently in therapy trying to deal with it, and I'm saying this basically as an explanation for why there might be long gaps in between fics and chapters being uploaded. Gotham's most feared criminal has been insulted on a grand scale. It seems that Thundercracker isn't the only seeker causing problems for our unfortunate couple and Blitzwing apparently has something to hide... To Campion Sayn, the author of the story 'Milk, Cold Coffee, Quiet Converse'. An alternate aftermath to Darkest Hour; Something tugging at her spark brought her to him. New Second-in-Command Starscream is put in charge of recruitment for the Decepticons.

I apologise for any inconvenience that might come from any low moods I experience. What type of revenge will he exact on the woman who's responsible? This Joker is feral, bloodthirsty and hungry for revenge. Set in the Transformers VG AU between Chapters 11 and 12. sadly for Blackarachnia, that won't be revealed until he's caused a fair amount of trouble for her. This is a fic with humanization and an AU one to beat. When Knock Out has the bright idea to try and speed up his beauty treatments via the use of his very own 'pet' human he finally starts questioning just how far is too far when it comes to looking good. After coming across one interesting resume in particular, he arranges for a video interview with the bot in question. Starscream/Airachnid, TFP pre-war oneshot, rated T for all kinds of suggestive stuff To be stuck in traffic, in the boiling sun... Knockout tries to get through it, but Airachnid doesn't like being ignored.And, as it stands, I'm pretty close to just giving up fanfic altogether after I get my more popular fics over and done with. After a four-million year separation Ironlink finds himself reunited with his sparkmate Zeldia. There is a way he could make up for it and that's just what he intends to do, but things don't exactly go to plan."She was off-limits, as far as Soundwave was concerned. Airachnid is well known for her cunning and adaptability. Rated for sexual content and some disturbing action Arcee is plagued by the memories of Cliffjumper, and flees the Autobot base to clear her mind. KO/Airachnid, AU with Airachnid having a car alt mode.Both have mistakes they want to escape, and wrongs they need to right, but the path they have set themselves on is riddled with hardships of its own. In the midst of the Golden Age, Cybertron's glory is without equal, but a perpetual darkness lurks beneath its shining surface. Kickback-Airachnid-Tarantulas-Shockwave Mornings after prove to be interesting. Knockout/Airachnid, smutty suggestive oneshot The Decepticons have no concept of the word loyalty.Follow one mech's journey as he struggles to survive in this shady underworld of an otherwise prosperous society."No respect." Optimus would have chuckled if his spark didn't feel like an offline weight in his chamber. Even the most devout can be the most decieving in the end..."I went through the same thing with Bumblebee." Bumblebee never did listen to his Opiluck's orders. Starscream realises this the hard way when he ends up in Autobot hands while his processor is glitching into oblivion. Starscream/Arcee, for all intents and purposes AUThey say that music can bring powerful emotions out in anyone..memories for that matter.Before, during, and after all of the Transformers movies. Soundwave enjoys taking what his victims love and twisting it into their worst memory.