The Redmond giant is wrapping up the final stages of migrating its Skype Vo IP service to the cloud from its peer-to-peer backbone.

Drew Lentz, a solutions architect with Frontera Consulting, says he believes that IT needs to look beyond Wi Fi technology and create a unique, wireless connected experience that benefits not only employees, but businesses as well.

Lentz touched upon that topic and more during his conversation with Senior Editor Sara Peters.

With security threats increasingly becoming more advanced, research firm Gartner outlines the top 10 technologies that should be deployed to take advantage of digital business opportunities while managing risk.

California's Silicon Valley is one of the world's most famous tech hubs, but there are many up-and-coming cities investing in infrastructure, transportation, and growing startup scenes.

Here are nine destinations around the world for tech-savvy travelers.

Mercedes-Benz's successful test of self-driving 'Future Bus' served as a world premiere for the vehicle, which features state-of-the-art design cues.

The city bus made a 12-mile journey in the Netherlands.

Fast-growing Hudl provides coaches and athletes with key feedback based on its customers' video uploaded to the cloud.

Like many other startups, the company relies on Amazon Web Services for its backend support.

Developers interested in creating apps that understand text or speech can look to Google's cloud for tools -- Cloud Natural Language API and Cloud Speech API.

The two offerings have now advanced into open beta status.