Seriously, this is one of the worst bugs I could imagine for a gaming platform, I don't want to have to keep going through 3 days of downloading and dealing with slow internet every 5 days because steam keeps wiping the folders on my hard drive, under NO circumstances should steam be deleting the ENTIRE game cache. I'm severely bandwidth capped where I am and I lost my entire library (close to 30 games).

steam keeps updating-69steam keeps updating-75

I restarted steam to be sure and it still listed them as not installed, so I went to where they should have been installed (~/.local/share/steam/steamapps/common, or ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common) and sure enough, the entire common folder was missing/deleted, not just unrecognized, but entirely removed. I can confirm this, I was logged out after an update occurred.

I did no moving of the game cache or anything like that, I used the default location steam recommended (I have / and /home as two separate partitions). My entire game library was missing, although it still exists in ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps Quick edit: Restarted Steam, asked me to login again and my game library re-appeared. I turn my computer on and lo and behold, steam is asking for my username/password, even though I have it set to keep it.

Currently running manjaro(arch) 64 bit with xfce4 wm. I has the same problem than Garciabruno happened to me at least 4 or 5 times after updates. I entered it, it came up with a quick display of "updating information" and BAM all my games wiped.

When I launch Steam, it asks me to log in, the when I get to my library nothing was installed and even the non-steam games links were removed. I even tried to backup my game files beforehand, but steam's backup tool kept locking up, so I have no possibility of preventing this.

After, I assume, a Steam update today, (I had to reboot due to a system update and didn't stick around for the reboot) I come back from getting a cup of coffee and I see the Steam login screen asking for my password.

Remembering seeing this thread in my inbox, I decide to look around before logging in.

I see a newly created ~/Steam directory containing 'appcache' and 'logs' sub directories.

I opened steam twice on accident without realizing it and it was downloading an update.

I canceled one of the download windows and let the other continue, the one I canceled popped up with an "unpacking" status window and I canceled that as well, as it was an incomplete download. I have a feeling it was the cancelling during this unpacking process that caused the issue. I just were waiting until everything will be installed. One thing you could do in case it happens again is just create a hardlink to your common directory.