In fact, I find much of his information useful and you know I’m waaaaaayyyyyy past that life phase.

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So his counsel might be more described as that of an older brother who is also a professor. He’s 28.”“It seems like every week, someone in the English department will post an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education on his or her office door lamenting the fact that “26% of college graduates can’t correctly make change” or “43% of American collegians can’t pick out China on a World Map.” Now, obviously, these are problems that need to be addressed – because, in my opinion, a third-grader who can’t do these things should be labeled “a little slow.” But, there’s another problem with our college graduates that I never see addressed in the Chronicle – and that is that 94% of America’s brightest young pupils (which, given the whole “change-counting” thing might be a bit of a generous label for “college graduates”) leave their alma mater with absolutely no idea how to date.

And this is just a DISASTER.….majority of you don’t date in college because it is just too damn easy to hook up with a girl for the night.

If things go well during the initial encounter, you then simply continue to hook up with the same girl for a period of two weeks to six months, until you are either forced to acknowledge the arrangement as a “relationship,” or, because you find relationships scary, you are forced to begin hooking up with someone new. Hooking up leads to more sexual partners, less use of protection, and therefore greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or producing a child.

If you choose the latter, you will get high-fives from your other single buddies after explaining to them that “a player’s gotta play.” If you choose the former, you will then take the girl with whom you have entered “relationship”-status to a formal dance twice a year, and this experience will constitute your semi-annual date….…after you graduate, you will never again be able to invite a girl who you haven’t even had coffee with to accompany you and one hundred of your fraternity brothers to Niagara Falls for a weekend of formal wear, Jello shots, Kanye West, and a night at the Radisson. Let’s think about both of these options in terms of the mainstream media.

You know how the people in the Valtrex commercials seem to be quite happy to have Herpes and act like it’s their privilege to take pills three times a day?

They’re trained actors and actresses who don’t really have the disease.

If they did, they’d look a lot less comfortable sitting on that park bench.

And, as for the unexpected pregnancy issue, let’s consider the movie Knocked Up – just in terms of the random sexual encounter as a means of selecting the person whom you are going to raise a child with for the next 18 years. That girl you sleep with after thirteen tequila shots doesn’t usually end up looking anything like Katherine Heigl – she probably looks more like Carrot Top.

On the flip side – girls, the random guy you sleep with after eight apple-tinis usually does look a lot like Seth Rogen.

This doesn’t happen if you go on dates first, then have sex. In the United States, the average age at which males get married for the first time is 27.5; women get married around the age of 26. This means that most of you will not be marrying one of the people you hooked up with in college.

Throw in those average-lowering “courtship” specialists and the guys from your high school who went straight to Diesel-Mechanic School, and it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re going to have to navigate the grown-up mating world for at least half a dozen years.