My partner is almost 30, and being taught where to hold the steering wheel was definitely not appropriate.

speedating liverpool-56

I want my vehicle fixed but I do not trust that it will be done and I will be wasting more of my time by even letting it out of my sight. So for Christmas, I decided to surprise him with a Motorsports course.

I am at a loss and do not know what to do, this car has had problems since day one. If you want to comment on this Gripe, click to Gripe HQ in Top Menu Bar and go to the Automotive Forum. At the time I wasn't particularly well off, so it took a few months of saving to get the cash together for a course.

If you are reading this gripe and represent this company, you can respond to this gripe and contact the customer by sending NGE an email here at Contact Us. I called the Holden Performance Driving Centre and told the consultant about my partners love of V8 Supercars and asked what would be the most fun for him.

In July last year I took the vehicle in to get some things sorted.

The 2 things were water leaking in through the roof and craized paint on the bonnet (vehicle is still under warranty).

This year they have had my vehicle for a total of 8 weeks and have ruined my paint job and there is still water leaking in the vehicle.

Not only have they not fixed up a botched paint job they left my vehicle next to another one in the paint shop and it is now covered in white over-spray on both the inside and the outside as well as damage that has been sustained from having the bonnet off and taking chunks of paint, one place especially is below the front left headlight (I have photos if needed).

I was told a CAMS Motorsport course would be the one, and with the word "motorsport" in it, I didn't question her suggestion. After Christmas, my partner asked me to book him in, so I called HPDC again and spoke to J, who told me the course wasn't great and that a level 2 course along with 4 hot laps would be better, which made up for the extra money I had paid.

I agreed to it under her advertisement, and booked him in.