The women who enable men to behave this way are just as complicit in the degradation of modern courtship as Tinder is.

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Why doesn’t anyone compare Tinder’s performance to other dating sites? Comparing swipes to responded-to emails is ridiculous; they’re not even comparable. And neither does anyone else, because all I read about in the media are stories about people on Tinder hooking up three times a week and 25 million matches a day. Raised millions of dollars and copied much of Tinder and now it’s one of the most used services? It’s not like Sam Yagan and company woke up a few months ago with the brand-new burning desire to acquire POF. Markus destroyed Zoosk and a ton of competitors, warts and all, and gets a half-billion for the effort. Yes of course there are well-run sites captained by fantastic people, but those companies are extremely rare. Julie Spira says that women are meeting men on Tinder to change them. Almost a year ago I wrote, Can Dating Sites Make Us More Civil? Online dating has turned a large portion of the dating population into a bunch of maladjusted sexaholics (for the most part, if you read anything in the media about online dating these days).

But we’re talking about Tinder here, so anything goes. Whenever two people like or favorite each other’s photos on a dating service, they are a match. Match CEO Greg Blatt Two years ago: I think domestically, there’s nothing that we need to own, meaning we’ve got sort of everything checked off. If you want to change the way men relate to women, Tinder is not the right medium to make that happen.

Really, it’s best not to think about it too much, we might get a conscious and realize how screwed up dating is now and that it’s mostly the fault of the dating industry for being asleep at the wheel while the money rolled in. Sure it prints money, but for a category-leading brand, it’s become a real snooze. Makes me pine for the days when Ok Cupid was all the rage.

Men in New York treat women terribly and brag about it in Vanity Fair. The VF article is a retread of a topic that’s been beaten to death by the media and dating bloggers for almost two years, but VF decided to hang out with a bunch of New Yorkers who rack up Tinder sex-mates like there’s no tomorrow and talk to them like they are adults or something.

The writer clearly emerged from a cave last week and the first thing they did was go on a Tinder date and now she’s scarred for life.

Surprised the cover photo wasn’t an Annie Liebowitz-styled image of a 24-year old guy in a ,500 suit crawling down a fire escape at 4am while looking at Tinder, on his way to conquer one more target before dragging himself back to his ,000 a month apartment he shares with a bunch of neckbeards learning how to code while working at Venture-funded almost-hot Startup X.“It’s an eye-opener and validation of a woman’s worst fear.The guys are swiping right to hook up and it’s all just a game.” Give me a break. The service is waitlisting members with a promise to make it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.I have never had a tweet retweeted so much, my phone has been blowing up so much that my girlfriend made me turn off notifications.I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the VF article.Story after story about relationship-challenged New Yorkers.