'It is a permanent reminder to live a moral and good life and once it's on you can't get it off.

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A passer-by found her unconsciousness and bleeding heavily, and called an ambulance to the street in Greenford, West London.

But Mrs Aulakh died in the early hours of yesterday, just as her mother arrived at her bedside at Charring Cross Hospital in West London.

She was separated from her husband, whom she had married against her parents' wishes, and friends described him as a 'waste of space'.

The couple were believed to be in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Police are investigating several theories behind the murder, including jealousy, access to the children or bringing dishonour on the family.

A friend said: 'It's horrific but hugely symbolic that Geeta's right hand was cut off.

'She was a Sikh and all Sikhs wear a metal bangle, the kara, on their right wrist.

A mother was found dying in a street with serious head wounds and her right hand cut off as she went to pick up her children after work.

Geeta Aulakh, who has two young sons, died four hours later in hospital from her horrific injuries.