This section of the Relationship Guide focuses on building relationships, so that your Sims can later pursue romance, get a best friend, and experience success socially.

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This can be helpful if your Sim needs that 'one more friend' to get a charisma level, but its main purpose is to help you with your contacts. When your Sim can enthusiastically converse about a topic another Sim likes, you're more likely to see the relationship bar scooting quickly to the right.

Out and About - Meeting Sims If you want your Sim to build relationships, get a girlfriend or boyfriend, or even start a family, you'll need to take them out of the house. However, you'll have better luck if your Sim goes to places they're interested in. Making Conversation During a conversation with another Sim, take into account what your Sim knows about the other, and if they know nothing, learn!

Use the Get to Know friendly interaction to strike up conversation that leads the Sim to reveal something about themselves.

Unless they're a green thumb talking to plants, they'll want to chat it up once in a while to meet the social need. They need to talk to other Sims to avoid loneliness, or they'll get too depressed to carry on with their daily life.

While it's easy enough to have a quick chat on the phone to replenish this need, it's more beneficial for your Sim to visit with others.

Not only is socializing helpful from a gameplay perspective, as higher levels of relationships will bring wishes that can be very helpful for getting closer to Lifetime Reward, but also to the richness of gameplay.

The Sims 3 will get boring fast if you simply play in Fast Forward mode all the time and never take a look at the behavior and expressions of Sims as they interact.

The Beginnings of a Relationship - Acquaintances Acquaintances are Sims that your Sim has met, or knows of.

The first meeting is an important moment for a Sim looking for a buddy or a date.