Perfect for those who never have enough time in the morning to eat, shower, and take care of their other needs. Watch all your mood bars turn green while you completely rejuvenate your mind and body. Summon up a lover, and instantly get a (love) relationship score of 100 with them.This is similar to the one I originally submitted to The Sims Resource ages ago, but it has since been updated -- per numerous requests, the "shoo" (privacy) responses and water puddles have been removed... Only (random) Sim adults of the opposite gender are summoned in this version.Great for quickly increasing your number of friends, getting that job promotion, or just for filling that "empty void" in your life.

It is recommended that you have Livin' Large (or any of the Deluxe packs) if you intend to use the numerous new gameplay features in our Addons (below). Do you have an emergency and need a superhero fast? Use the Bat Phone to "send someone right over": up to Sixteen (16) different superhero NPCs are available to visit you (one per call of course). SEE MORE: Download two pre-made families made using all 16 of these superhero skins. You do not need these families to use the Bat Phone. Click this link to download these two families now (106 kb).

SEE MORE: Click here to see 8 additional add-on packages that add whole new dimensions of gamplay to Slice City - some with more complex gamplay than the City itself! Each superhero NPC has it's own likeness, and some come with a few surprises of their own to match. Plant these "Guard Tomatoes" outside in an unwalled space and fertilize the tomato patch when needed.

Befriend them, hang out with them, take them Downtown on dates, etc. Whenever an unwanted intruder enters your lot, several (live) tomato NPCs will spring out... These vicious veggies will then hunt down the intruders and remove them from your lot! ) way of ensuring privacy from some of those annoying visitors that come with the game.

It was spotlighted on The Sims official site when it was first introduced, and has been written about by Wired Magazine, BBC News, and many others. Or download it for free here and try it out for yourself.

For additional details & descriptions, check out our Slice City page in the members section (but use the download link here in the Freebies section).

I don't even know if you can find the original Sims CD anymore, but if you have it, then you must also have at least an expansion pack too (any expansion pack will do, as they all share the same files this uses).

Or if you have any of the Deluxe packs installed, you can use this too.

Yep, now ALL our Love Crystals are coded to work in ANY TS1 game! It's not as fun for those inactive Sims, and you may catch them kicking it. Yep, now ALL our Harley Fixer-Uppers are coded to work in ANY TS1 game! SEE MORE: Click here to see more bikes, including motorcycles that Sims can actually mount and ride around the lot!!

Others may make claims, however no one else but Simslice has truely drive-able vehicles.