I’m not sure what I’m more confused about; women who KNOW they’re the side chick and are cool with that title or women who DON’T KNOW they’re the side chick and have no clue as to why they would be.Even in 2011 the signs that we’ve become accustomed to are still bypassed and not understood by a percentage of women. Here are commonly ignored signs that you may just be the side chick They say home is where the heart is…which is essentially why you haven’t set one foot in the doorway, you don’t have his heart.

Christmas, Valentines, His Birthday, heck even Halloween are forbidden and not on the dating schedule.

If Valentines day is coming up, cue the scripted argument and casual break-up a couple days to a week in advance and then the make-up a couple of days to a week after.

This period is main chick dedication and avoid side chick at all costs time.

If his birthday falls on a Saturday, you’re going out/meeting up on Friday or Sunday, Saturday is either reserved for a big party or his main lady…he’ll obviously say he just had a small dinner with his family, which in some cases is true but in others, just a lie a brother tells to the side chick.

On the flip side the brother that rearranges his furniture so his main chick’s photos, sleepover clothes and menstrual products are playing hide and seek is glad to keep you at his house, and nowhere else.

If all you do when you meet up his chill at is house and have sex, then clearly you’re the side chick.

You don’t get taken out on dates because it slims the chances of him being seen with you from possibly to unlikely; he wants that.

In a time when recession is the number 1 excuse for not spending money, he’ll gladly reciprocate that in dating a side chick because nobody wants to spend money on someone they only plan to sleep with.

Somewhere in convenient survey land is a stat that shows Facebook and Twitter is the fastest growing catalyst for failed relationships.

It’s very easy to get caught slipping on such Social Networks which is why if a guy refuses to acknowledge you on his timeline he’s trying to hide your affiliation.

This same guy may also disable his facebook wall to prevent your inevitable declaration of crush on him.