This situation isn't about proving to him he is doing this.

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If in your position I would tell my husband directly exactly I had discovered, esp. I would straight up tell him this is irreconcilable.

I think snooping and waiting and not bringing this to light is a mistake and takes away your outrage and power.

I can say this because of a similar scenario in my own life, that I would let the full weight fall onto him.

Plus, a lot of them (my bff is single and is on dating sites) what they'll do is txt on their phone some at first to get to know each other then talk on the phone, before they actually meet up so you could keep an eye on his phone unless he's clearing those.

Do you have access to you cell phone bill online or does he do that?

Logging in there and checking the numbers he's called may eventually give you some info. My hubby knows what I would do, he wouldn't have a place to live!!

it is a hard decision to make but I personally feel I would want more ammo before saying anything. Good luck and I hope you don't find anything else and everything works out.

We have a great sex live but lately I have noticed porn site data on the i Pad ( he clears the history) which I don't have a problem with but now I have found data that shows he is visiting sex dating sites, not just one but several.

I can't really talk to any one about this and really need advice which I don't know if this is the right site for that or not.

I don't know if I should confront him about it before it goes any farther or just snoop around and wait. hi, you could wait and just watch and snoop around more.

you could setup an acct yourself and look for him out there and then delete it.