When you invest in our virtual telephone systems, you’ll experience: Learn more about how state-of-the-art PBX phone systems from Access Direct can enhance the image of your business, while also ensuring that you and your team never miss an important call.

We provide complete Virtual PBX phone systems, including: Our Virtual PBX phone systems are hosted in the cloud, which means that you can use any phone that you already have, and you don’t have to learn any new software to make it work.

We take care of all of that for you and can have your virtual phone system set up today.

At Access Direct, we know what’s important – to create a professional first impression and connect your client to your team no matter where they are – and we make that easy.

Think about how important projecting the right image is to the success of your business.

Potential customers want to know they’ll be working with a company that is capable of meeting their needs.

An inefficient or outdated phone system will make your company look less professional and hinder your ability to provide the best possible service to your customers.

Whether you are a single entrepreneur, a start-up or a growing enterprise, we can help you achieve the professional image provided by big-company PBX phone systems, but without all the equipment, hassle, and expense.

No maintenance, no new software to learn, just a virtual phone system that works to achieve your business goals.

A third generation entrepreneur, John Kinskey founded Access Direct in 1997 — he was a young father working from a home office — but thanks to his professionally recorded auto attendant using his Virtual PBX phone system, no one could have known that.