He thinks that the answers to big existential questions will be found in the personal.

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I am of the strong opinion that a newer brand will emerge victorious — a brand whose business is core to the vision of the quantified self, and not a bolted-on business pursued out of evolutionary necessity.

I believe that “lifelogging” is the strongest root term available to the quantified self movement and all its facets.

But in the second phase of this market, our vocabulary must evolve if there’s to be any hope of broader adoption. The quantified self movement isn’t about me, explicitly — I care dramatically more about what all of the past, present and future “me” amounts to.

As a consumer, the choices available are maddening.

The pure software side of the equation is even more convoluted, with dozens of offerings from small and large companies alike elbowing their way to the front of the line for my attention (of which there is little).

Some have suggested that Apple’s i Watch will soon descend, and do what Apple is inordinately good at doing — taking the best of what’s already out there and doing it better than anyone thought possible.

I think Apple will put forth a very compelling offering, but I don’t think that Apple is a brand that consumers can commit their personal data to fearlessly.

My friend, Kevin Kelly, coined the term quantified self in October of 2007 with this blog post.

In the in six years since, the fruits of such self quantification can now be found on the TV, the radio, and all over the internet.