Company Dating er et tilbagevendende arrangement, der giver omkring 30 virksomheder og 600 studerende mulighed for at se hinanden an inden et eventuelt fremtidigt samarbejde.

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The impetus for the establishment of the SDU stemmed from the findings of the 1980 population census.

The results showed an increasing proportion of unmarried graduate women – a trend compounded by the preference among local men for women with lower educational qualifications than themselves, while graduate women preferred better-educated men.

In his 1983 National Day Rally, then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew commented on the phenomenon of well-educated women remaining single, and highlighted its implications on Singapore’s talent pool.

In 2009, the SDS and SDU were merged and renamed the Social Development Network (SDN) so as to reap economies of scale, widen the dating pool and create more opportunities for singles to meet and eventually marry., p. It is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete history of the subject.

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Uanset om du bliver udvalgt til at deltage i dating sessionerne eller ej, så er du velkommen til at deltage i Company Dating's netværkszone og i vores workshop omkring hvordan man netværker til Company Dating.

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He warned that the talent pool would be depleted unless better-educated Singaporeans married and had more children.

The SDU was established to correct the trend by providing opportunities for graduate men and women to meet through talks, courses, workshops, dances, parties, dinners, local outings and overseas trips as well as digital matchmaking services.