As it turns out, Deirdre’s not really sure, either.“I have a degree in political science from Princeton, and all that wasted mental energy has to go somewhere,” Deirdre replies.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” season two will hit Netflix on April 15.

The Redmond giant is wrapping up the final stages of migrating its Skype Vo IP service to the cloud from its peer-to-peer backbone.

The move will allow the company to offer new services including mobile group video calling and Skype Bots.

SAP second quarter earnings showed no sign of weakness from the recent Brexit vote in the UK.

The “Pitch Perfect” and “True Blood” star is one of the newcomers who signed on to season two of Netflix’s comedy “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” playing New York housewife Deirdre Robespierre.

In the new clip, which the streaming service released this weekend, Deirdre’s chatting with Jane Krakowski’s Jacqueline, who divorced her husband in season one.And, from the backhanded compliments Deirdre slings her way on a bench in Central Park, it doesn’t look like the healthiest relationship.“I can never tell if you’re trying to help me or destroy me,” Jacqueline laughs.Instead, the company's revenue and earnings grew as SAP added new customers, particularly for its S/4 HANA platform.Drew Lentz, a solutions architect with Frontera Consulting, says he believes that IT needs to look beyond Wi Fi technology and create a unique, wireless connected experience that benefits not only employees, but businesses as well.Lentz touched upon that topic and more during his conversation with Senior Editor Sara Peters.