Two years after his divorce, Clooney romanced Karen "Duff" Duffy.The two dated in 1995 after Clooney hit it big with in November 1997."We love each other too much to get married." The blond beauty went on to marry indie film director David M. After meeting at a photo shoot in 2000, Clooney began an on-and-off relationship with British model Lisa Snowdon.

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The engaged couple have obtained a marriage license in London, according to multiple reports, which hints that their highly anticipated nuptials could actually happen in September, which has been their rumored wedding date.

George and Amal have seemingly been scouting locations near his home in Lake Como and, sure enough, Italy is listed as the wedding location.

Additionally, the Oscar winner is said to have turned to Giorgio Armani for his big day.

Apparently Sarah Larson, George Clooney’s latest cocktail waitress girlfriend, once drank a scorpion martini when she was a contestant on NBC’s Fear Factor.

George Clooney, 46, came to fame 13 years ago on hospital soap ER.

He's now an acclaimed actor, writer and director and won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 2006's Syriana.He is renowned for his political activism and campaigns for Darfur.reports "an entire team from the designer's Milan office reportedly flew up to Clooney's Lake Como, Italy, home recently to fit him and his male attendants for his September wedding to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin." Unfortunately, there's no word yet as to what the blushing bride will be wearing.And although we're all super excited to see one of Hollywood's biggest bachelors finally tie the knot, we'd also like to take a moment to remember those before Amal—like actress Talia Balsam, who was married to the 52-year-old movie star from 1989 to 1993, and all of those lucky ladies in between. The actor shared a home in the Hollywood Hills, and at one point, Clooney bought his girlfriend a black potbellied pig named Max.In the years between his former wife and his future wife, Clooney romanced a number of women. Post-split, he retained custody of Max until his death in 2006.So what happened to the actor's former flames after they called it quits? Preston, meanwhile, married John Travolta in 1991 and gave birth to three children: Jett Travolta (1992-2009), Ella Travolta (born in 2000) and Benjamin Travolta (born in 2010).