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The North Miami police officer who shot an unarmed, black mental health worker caring for a patient actually took aim at the autistic man next to him, but missed, the head of the police union said Thursday. Let's calm the public by telling them that you intended to shoot the autistic man to save the black man after being clearly told about the man's disabilities and that he was holding a truck, not a gun. Oh, what's the explanation for handcuffing him after being shot, who were they protecting then?????

So a member of the SWAT team missed his intended target a mentally challenged individual and hit the unarmed black man on the ground who was giving precise information about who and what he was doing??? Everyone everywhere should be keeping their phones ready to video all the crap happening!

Suzy Shannon Schmidt If this guy is on the Swat team and try to shoot the Autisic man and missed, he might need to find a new profession and spend a lot more time on the range working on his aim. I am usually first to defend the police officers, but there was no need to shoot anyone at this point in the incident.

Jody Erickson How in the world does this explanation make this o K?They were trying to shoot an autistic man with a toy truck?!I understand all the fear going around - that does not justify such quick reactions ie: bullets being discharged before an understanding of the situation is reached!Kim Adalis I hope you all are listening to Trump's speech tonight.There are far more important concerns about the safety of our country and the corruption of the current administration.It affects every one of us-all parties, races, genders.