Forget the generation gap, 29-year-old Ray Lewis and 60-year-old Patti La Belle were laughing like kids and finishing each others sentences when we hooked them up recently in Philly. When the legendary vocalist, whose new album is titled "Timeless Journey," started singing, the fearsome linebacker closed his eyes and said, "Oh, man!

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Patti Labelle's Greatest Love Songs collection draws from a broad selection of her solo albums, beginning with her 1977 debut for Epic and extending all the way to her 1997 Flame album for MCA.

As you can imagine, Labelle's music went through quite a few changes over that 20-year period -- from disco and quiet storm to adult contemporary R&B and urban -- and though her vocals don't necessarily reflect these changing times, the music backing her vocals certainly does.

Here's what you get on his well-rounded best-of: a few tracks from her late-'70s flirtation with lite disco, most notably "Joy to Have Your Love"; a few of her quiet storm recordings on Philadelphia International with Kenny Gamble and Bunny Sigler at the helm, most notably "Love, Need and Want You" and "If You Only Knew"; a late-'80s Diane Warren-penned song, "If You Asked Me To"; and quite a few of her adult contemporary '90s hits, most notably the Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis-produced "Someone Like You" and "The Right Kinda Lover," the Teddy Riley-produced "This Word Is All," and the post-Philadelphia International Bunny Sigler-produced "Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)." As you can see, there's no shortage of highlights here -- every song on this collection is a career highlight for Labelle.

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Or is this just what you feel good about doing for a living? Every hotel I'm staying in, I end up down in the bar singing for the people in the hotel. The people I work with, they're always thinking about the money. My heart was in that 20 minutes that I gave those people out in the audience. When my fans see me -- I'm a man who walks on substance, stability.

And I have to pay to give what I would like to just give for free. Yeah, if you have a 90-minute show and you stay on more than that, you start paying. So many times I've gone overtime and my manager will say, "Hey, stop! I just stay right there another 20 minutes, so I go into overtime. You don't know what it might be like outside so you're afraid to move. I see others getting things that I strived for that should be coming my way. I might have lost a few million dollars because I didn't do things the way people thought I should. He's the first player to get paid million up front. I asked my team's owner to give me the value of me and of Peyton Manning.