24 episodes In-ha (Lee Byeong-heon) was born as an orphan and lived a rough childhood with his fathers friend who was a gambler.

Dot S will be set in a fictional war torn country that is currently dealing with a humanitarian crisis after a recent earthquake hits the already beleaguered nation.

Song Joong Ki plays a UN peacekeeping troop commander while Song Hye Kyo is a doctor from Doctor’s Without Borders working in the crisis zone.

Both second leads will be subordinate officers reporting to Song Joong Ki’s commander in the troop, and they will also be exes who are still not fully over their breakup.

While Su-yeon studies in the US, she receives Jung-won's help and later marries him after a long courtship.

Eventually, In-ha returns to Korea, but Su-yeon's heart aches for In-ha who suddenly appears. In-ha and Jung-won(Ji Seong) get entangled in a an once-in-a-lifetime battle...

The drama didn’t just confirm the two leads today, it went ahead and confirmed the second leads as well.

For many folks this news is both a relief that casting is done as well as something to look forward to if any or all of of the actors or actresses participating is right up your alley.

The drama leads will indeed be the rumored coupling of Song Joong Ki with Song Hye Kyo, making a new Song-Song onscreen couple that hopefully will sizzle rather than fizzle.

Joining them to round out the main leads will be mostly movie actor Jin Goo and rising actress Kim Ji Won as the second leads.

The drama heads into full pre-production this June with an eye towards an October air date in Korea, with reportedly a simultaneous airing in China whether streaming online or on a television network.

so it’s no surprise to see her make a return as the second female lead here.