“We are getting a divorce.” I have a friend who dated a married woman for over ten years now, and she is always saying she and her husband are about to get a divorce.But the truth is that if you have divorced once – you know all the pros and cons of a marriage and many men choose to meet their mistresses, married to another men, but not actually marry them. This is not to scare you, but you should know that many murders are the result of “love triangles”.These crimes of passion occur quickly, often without warning. Whatever your motivation, you ask yourself if you feel the same way if you date a single woman.

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One of the things that men seem to about dating, it is the physical passion that is often present.

Maybe the woman is not satisfied, and now has turned to you to fill her needs.

This can be great for a few nights of passionate physical intercourse, but there will be no real emotional attachment.

Some guys like the idea of ​​the whole romance, no feelings, no strings attached, but when the chemistry is involved, it makes sex better but could lead to some complications.

By some estimates, up to 15% of married women have an affair at some point during their marriage.

This equates to approximately 4.5 million women in the United States alone.

This means that there is a real possibility that you will have a chance to meet married women at one time or another.

Here are some things to think about before you decide whether or not to do so.

In fact, they should be angry against the person who has harmed, but the anger and jealousy can quickly bubble over and get out of control. Whether or not you decide to start dating married women – it is ultimately up to you. It is better to be informed before deciding, and the above points should help you make a better decision.