Queen Elizabeth must be absolutely livid that Kate Middleton’s family is taking over the Royal Family with Carole Middleton’s push.Yes, more whispers that Prince Harry is dating Pippa.

prince harry still dating chelsy davy 2016-34

Prince Harry has been jetting around the world fulfilling Royal responsibilities for much of 2015. Most of the young Royals vacation in Mustique – that’s where you might expect to find the prince.

The fifth-in-line to the throne is deserving of a nice long vacation. Would anyone suspect Harry would sneak off somewhere else?

Now Pips has arrived in the tropical paradise and probably dragged James and their buddies along to make it look as if this wasn’t a romantic getaway with Harry.

Is this it – are Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton trying to figure out how to best break the news to Queen Elizabeth? Remember when those in the know revealed that Pips just showed up at Prince Harry’s bachelor palace wearing skintight jeans and a nearly see-through crop top one night?

Since 2004, the world has known Chelsy Davy as Prince Harry's on-again, off-again girlfriend. There, her father, Charles, operates a multi-million dollar safari business. After having delayed the post for a year so she could travel around the world, Davy will begin at the elite law firm Allen & Overy in London this September. In 2006, Davy was held at gunpoint along with other restaurant goers while dining at a Cape Town wine bar. In February, Davy was spotted partying the night away with Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, and Harry's cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, at the For more on the Royal Wedding, including rare photos, interviews with family and friends, details on Kate's new life as a princess and a tour of their lavish homes, order a copy of Us Weekly's Will & Kate: The Royal Wedding now.

But what else lies behind the 25-year-old African-born blonde who will be Harry's date for the royal wedding this Friday? The reports that as a trainee, she is on track to earn 38,000 GBP (around ,000 USD) during her first year in the program. Besides a long-term jaunt of being in the public eye for her connection to Prince Harry, Davy used to have aspirations to become a model when she was younger. Although she reportedly remained calm, she was concerned that the private numbers and messages from Harry on her stolen cell phone would be leaked.

Davy grew up at her family's homestead on the 1,300-square mile Lemco Safari Area. Davy earned her undergraduate degree in economics at the University of Cape Town, then went on to earn her law degree at the University of Leeds.

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Since the day Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge Pips has had an eye on Prince Harry. Harry threw together some pasta carbonara, and opened a bottle of wine?

Has a string of failed romances and business ventures only been a cover for what Pippa really wants – a place in the Royal family, a Royal title and all the perks? The duo enjoyed a candlelit dinner and then set off for Harry’s suite?

At the time friends said Pippa never expected anything to come for the one-night stand with Duchess Kate’s brother-in-law.