In a good relationship, our teens show us respect, take our feelings into account, trust us, are concerned about us, and are interested in our lives. So, in good parent-teen relationships, we also show respect for our teens, take their feelings into account, trust them, are concerned about their well-being, and take interest in their lives.We should touch base with our teens regularly, even when everything is going smoothly.

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Teens feel their parents care about them when we take an interest in what’s happening in their lives.

Teens — like all people — don’t want to feel ignored. Between jobs, chores, and other things, there often is little time left over for enjoying each other’s company.

We need to grab whatever time we can to be with our teens.

It will help us occupy some of our teen’s free time, and we will get to know our teens better. If we make promises to our teens, we must keep them if at all possible.

As our kids grow into teenagers, they gain a great deal of independence. But even as they increase their independence, we need to keep our relationships as close to them as we did when they were small children.

They still need us to love, guide, and have fun with them.

And we can find much fulfillment and happiness through our relationships with them.

Here are some questions and answers about how good parent-teen relationships can help keep teens healthy and safe and what we can do to build good relationships with our kids.

It will help us build good relationships, and let our teens know we care. When we are unable to keep our promises because of something that we can’t do anything about, we need to talk with our teens about it. Our teens need to know they can count on us to keep our word.