Christian Mingle made 12.7 million dollars in only one quarter in 2011. The big players, and, both made 105.2 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2011. As long as the users’ best interest is kept in mind, there is no shame in these companies’ success.

A decade ago, online dating wasn’t taken seriously. Now, in 2012, you can’t turn on the television or visit your favorite web site without seeing ad after ad for dating sites like and EHarmony. But can you really find your soul mate on dating sites? The Hard Facts In 2011, 25 million people used online dating sites.

Online dating is no longer looked down upon because in today’s world because so many people just don’t have time to find Mr. Of all the couples who got together between 20, 22 percent met on the internet.

Also, between the years 20, 17 percent of the couples who got married say they met online.

Yahoo Personals - Now has the largest amount of registered users of any of the online dating sites.

Amongst such a large selection of singles, you are sure to meet compatible singles in your area.

We search all online dating sites and list only, what we think, are the best sites. There's hardly anyone that has not heard of online sites like,, Yahoo Personnals, e Harmoney, plus many more. Sites like Yahoo Personels and have, probably, the greatest number of registered men and women.The criteria for photo personals sites (like Yahoo Personnals) is simple, we look for web sites that are easy to navigate and have a great quantity of singles - women and men - signed up. Sites like e Harmoney offer great tools like the e Harmony's Personality Profile test. personals Find single men and single women easily and quickly! Find a partner, or simply a date, on Yahoo Personels Learn about the dating scene in the major US cities and metro areas, like Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, etc. Yahoo personals has many teens registered and ready to go out on dates Give Yahoo Personnals a try today!Obviously, real people are dating online and in many cases, it works.They may not all be lawyers or plastic surgeons, but there’s a chance you could really meet someone you relate to. An astounding 81 percent of dating site users lie about their height, weight or age.Also, the amount of married couples that met online also hasn’t significantly increased since 2006, even though the amount of users has increased.Big Money One thing is for sure, the creators behind these dating sites are not poor!