This transcript has been lightly edited for space and flow.So to start off, why don’t you give me your pitch on Personal Dating Assistants. Well, PDA is for guys who want to go on more dates, but don’t necessarily have the skill set or the time to find women who interest them.

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The average man wants an attractive, shorter woman. Most people of all genders and orientations want the whole thing to be easier.

“This business is a response to a great cultural trend toward convenience in dating,” Valentines told me.

“We have more methods of correspondence than ever before, but it’s harder to make a genuine connection … It should be the opposite.” Valentines and I chatted by phone to discuss some of these issues in greater depth.

But in marketing materials, Valentines’ service comes across differently: superficial, selfish and vaguely misogynistic, like some distasteful hybrid of pick-up artist Neil Strauss and “Her’s” Theodore Twombly.

It’s no different than old-school matchmaking, updated for the Internet age!

PDA has a simple, if intellectually troubling, premise: For the low, low price of .50 an hour, a “dating assistant” will set up a profile on the dating site of your choice; find and message eligible dates; and exchange phone numbers with interested parties — all without you typing a single keystroke. It cuts the mess and frustration out of modern dating. Matthew Valentines — yep, that is his real name — is the 35-year-old romeo behind this operation, which launched just last month to widespread Internet chatter. Now, in what may mark either the high or low point for the Internet as a communications medium, a company called Personal Dating Assistants is offering not only to tell you how to online date, but to do it for you — for a price, of course.PDA’s homepage is dominated by a photo of high-heeled, mini-dressed women with porn-star simpers on their faces.(“We originally tried women in potato sacks making frowny faces, but they didn’t generate quite the same interest level from the fellas,” Valentines says, by way of explanation.) PDA only accepts male clients, which it divides into archetypes like “bad boy” and “successful & established.” (Women’s categories, meanwhile, include “attention whore” and “material girl.”) The site promises clients “a steady stream of fresh novelties” — “novelties,” in this case, referring not to confections or playthings, but to actual human women.Then again, while PDA’s marketing lingo invites the skin to crawl, it’s not exactly responsible for the entrenched norms of dating culture.