"Small Planet thinks from their customer's perspective, they look to understand what we want to achieve.They helped us think about how our end users would be using the product and how to make it better." "We thoroughly enjoyed working with Mobikasa.It was well worth taking the time to find Mobikasa in our situation.

Our tapas style suppers are for up to 7 ladies and 7 gentlemen and consist of pre dinner drink, 5 small plates, coffee/tea.

Gentlemen move along to the next table for each stage/small plate of the meal, so that everyone gets to meet everyone during the course of the evening.

In West Oxfordshire, (where we first started and were initially called the 'Speed Dating Supper Club'), we have exclusive use of The Good Gourmet for our suppers.

Since there hasn't been an app like this created before, many people were amazed that something like this was possible to create.""They were always on budget and on time. Usually, when working with other design and development teams, I had to specifically ask for updates, which wasn’t the case with Majestyk." "Majestyk’s designer stood out in the aesthetics that he created for the app.

The software is more advanced than a typical minimum viable product.

In terms of ease of navigation and look, Majestyk did a phenomenal job.""After working with Kind Geek, we can actually show [potential customers] our product.They have accelerated our whole development process, but they've also allowed us to move forward engaging potential customers engaged." "I’ve worked with development firms in the past where things have been buggy; this is not that experience.JAKT did a very good job staging the project before pushing it live, so it’s pretty seamless.This meetup group is a community of like minded single people, mostly in our 40s, 50s and 60s, who enjoy good food and good conversation. never married, divorced, widowed or long-term-separated). Our most exclusive suppers are for just 5 ladies and 5 gentlemen for a 5 stage supper: pre dinner drink and nibbles, starter, main course, dessert, coffee & petit fours. Our events are small - between just 10 and a maximum of 14 people at each supper (depending on the menu). The Cotswold Supper Club is a new alternative: a relaxed, no pressure way to meet several other single people over the course of an evening while sharing a delicious meal in exclusive surroundings.