If you’ve ever read an online forum or social networking site without your own profile, you may have found that by the time you do sign up, you’re familiar with the site and eager to contribute.By waiting to create a dating profile until you’ve already seen a few people you’d like to contact, you’ve turned the whole thing into a positive, fun event, without the anxiety of wondering where to begin.

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Once they’ve decided to sign on, they’re looking up all they can about writing a great profile, they’re contacting others right away, and they want to get this party started.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this approach; in fact, that enthusiasm can shine through into their profile.

But not everyone has that extroverted personality that allows them to dive in immediately.

Becoming familiar with dating profiles, making notes of what you like, even checking out the competition and making notes on that - these can all help you formulate and refine your own thoughts before you even sit down to write.

Some people are nervous about setting foot into the dating scene at all, and online dating is a perfect way to ease in gently.

Instead of forcing yourself to meet someone face-to-face, you can get a sense of what might be out there from the security of your own screen.And, indeed, that can lead to additional enthusiasm.What many don’t realize is that taking the slow, careful approach to online dating can absolutely work as well.First of all, while there’s nothing wrong with enthusiasm, sometimes in our rush to create a profile immediately we can get a little sloppy.Whether it’s a simple typo or a completely different approach, many wind up editing their thoughts later.On the other hand, there’s nothing that says you absolutely have to have a profile before you begin perusing those of others.