Montana's level of play was questioned throughout the year.As teams ahead of them lost, the Griz didn't move up from being the 2nd or 3rd ranked team.There were even weeks when they received the most first place votes yet still were held out of that #1 spot.

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For the second year in a row, the Montana Grizzlies knocked off an East Coast power to advance to the FCS National Championship. The strength of their conference is picked apart while another undefeated season is scoffed at.

To many, the Big Sky is the Big 10 to the So Con's SEC.

There's still one left, but Montana has proven their schedule is irrelevant.

They stack up with the best and they win the big games.

In the first round they pulled off the biggest comeback in football this year. Montana couldn't be entering their second round game in a more optimal mental state.

Against the Jackrabbits, they made mistake after mistake.If this was the "bend but don't break" strategy they were a piece of paper that had been folded in half.If there's anyone out there who still believes that, they're ridiculous. Last season, the Griz were favorites heading into Chattanooga.They had knocked off CAA champion and #1 seed James Madison; only Richmond, who lost to JMU earlier in the year and finished a lowly tie for third in the conference, remained. While the Griz hold the #1 seed this time, I think many favor Villanova.The Wildcats finished the season ahead in the rankings (despite having less first-place votes) and play in one of the East Coast power conferences. Last year I drove from Missoula to Chattanooga in hopes of seeing Montana win a National Championship my senior year. I have no doubt Montana has the talent and coaching it takes to win the National Championship. Montana must come with the level of play they've shown over the last 9 quarters of football. The difference between this year and last is that, this year, they'll be there. Griz play like their hair is on fire, execute on offense, fly around on defense and win a close one. Note: I don't think I'll be able to make it out to Kirkland in time to get a spot (which I hear would be somewhere around ) so I'll be at Sluggers Sports Bar in Pioneer Square (Seattle), where I hear there will be a few Griz fans. Mention this post, and be one of the first people to do so, and I'll probably buy you a beer.After the effort I put in to get to the game, I felt robbed when the Griz came out as flat as I've ever seen them play. The Griz have faced adversity before, they've been questioned. The fact that they were unseeded is deceiving, they won ten straight coming into that game and the two early season losses were without Armanti Edwards. If you're Appalachian State, Richmond or anyone on this or the other side of your bracket, what transpired Saturday at Washington-Grizzly Stadium was your worst-case scenario.