I have always had a very deep relationship with my mother.My dad is similar to me in that he is a little bit back-offish and was busy working when I was a child so I didn't have much time with him although our relationship is much better now, in general I have been mothered and smothered by the females in the family. My mother herself had an awful upbringing with her parents - her dad was (he is still alive but very old and mellow now) very cruel and she was the only girl with 5 other brothers, they were poor and I do not know the severity of the cruelty/abuse on my mother as she does not wish to speak about it.

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Hi everyone Hopefully I can get some responses back to put me more at east with my situation.

Here goes anyway, i'm sorry if my structure is all over the place. I live happily alone although I struggle to make friends and I am not keen on having a relationship which I will tell you about later, I am also a virgin.

My parents love me to bits and I see them twice a week.

I drive out to see them, we live 18 miles away from each other.

I was so concerned for my mother's health at this point.

The major point here also is that I personally have some sexual/trauma issues which I cannot remember from childhood but there is something which prevents me from even talking to girls, i'm 25 now but I have the equivalent experience of a 14 year old, when I think about it, the root of all this must be with my mother.

I'm sorry i've written this in confusing structure.

But when I arrived there was an obvious awkwardness in my exchange with my mother and I sat in the living room and waited to be called.

The mood was awful at the table and I had to talk to my sister about my worrying upstairs.