The Dollar Photo Club is new members' only stock photo website that provides their members with royalty free stock photos and vectors for just $1 per image, with hundreds of thousands of new images added every week.The Dollar Photo Club is a part of the Fotolia stock photo company and has a library which currently holds more than 26 million high resolution images and vectors.

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So many companies and businesses require the services of stock photo providers that there are many different companies to choose from, including Fotolia, i Stock Photo, Shutterstock, and more.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Dollar Photo Club reviews below. I've had a monthly subscription for 6 months now and have downloaded over 70 stock images without an issue.

The extra images you download do indeed only cost $1 and is charged right away. I was reviewing my bank records and saw a charge from them, 30 DAYS after I applied and actually got excited UNTIL I called to find out why I had not received anything regarding the application or any access info. I also learned that they don't send out anything telling you that you were approved, a DUMB THING TO DO ANYWAY when you are selling a product.

Each membership has a particular number of images included that you can download.

All additional images and downloads are priced at just $1.00 per image, and all images have business ready royalty free licenses, unlimited print runs, unlimited image uses, and are social media ready.

A regular membership costs per month and includes 10 images each month, while the annual VIP membership costs per year and includes 99 image downloads.

While Joel does say that there is a Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee, it is only briefly described on their sales page with no real details found elsewhere.

The description they offer says that if you are unhappy at any point within the first month of service you can email and request a refund.

You can contact their Customer Service team by phone at 800-692-3830 or by email at the address [email protected] Photo

Currently the Dollar Photo Club has a positive reputation, in part due to their affiliation with Fotolia, but also because of their affordable membership policies.

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.