Started in February by a small group of Sanders supporters, the site already has more than 7,000 members.

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“Nobody expected things to scale as quickly as they did,” said Kaunert over the phone from Chicago. I would say it’s more like e Harmony but without the matching algorithm,” he added.

The site is run by volunteers on a shoestring budget of about $500.

Members can friend and private-message each other openly, and they can also post in group chats and forums such as “Atheists Berners,” or “Geeks for Sanders,” where they may find “political discourse” even if they don’t find love.

“One thing I really noticed is a lot of millennials from small towns or in red states, places where there are a lot of conservative values or their family members are Republicans have found a really safe space,” he added.

“I think it’s great that it’s reaching up to our friendly neighbours to the north,” he said, adding it may have to set up a group for Americans looking for Canadians to marry if the Republicans’ Donald Trump becomes president.

John Talbot, a 52-year-old Ottawa entrepreneur who recently signed up on Bernie Singles, said he sees the site as a way to “filter down,” so he doesn’t have to worry about accidentally finding out someone he’s dating has opposite political views. Check out some other niche dating sites and apps trying to make your search for the one easier.

The self-described “big Bernie fan,” who finds the crusty democratic socialist a “breath of fresh air,” said he joined the more mainstream dating site Plenty Of Fish about 10 years ago, finding it an “ego-crushing experience.” Talbot said he would “not in 100 million years” move to the U. and would prefer to find someone close to home, but he would like to use this targeted opportunity to “make one broken-hearted woman in the States feel better,” should he be lucky enough to meet someone special. Some may not have a high number of users, but you just might meet a match who has the unique qualities you’re looking for.

Bernie Singles, where “the 1 per cent aren’t the only ones getting screwed,” is a new online dating site where likeminded supporters of the left-wing 2016 democratic presidential hopeful are looking for love — and it’s attracting a few prospects north of the border.

Oshawa’s Brandon Gordon, a freelance videographer and photographer, came across the site when a friend posted the link on his Facebook page as a joke, knowing he was a staunch Sanders supporter. Gordon is somewhat new to politics, trying to teach himself more over the last few years.