Going to a site like the pirate bay or whatever to download whatever you want for free, all the time is just wrong and don’t try to dance around that.But let’s look at the other side of the other side of the problem.DRM still holds people by the balls and even though Apple removed it from the i-tunes store some people had to pay in order to remove the DRM from music they had PAID FOR before the new rules.

I am very happy with how that one turned out and a lot of people gave me great feedback and said I was making great process which was nice.

I think the lighting style that I originally had planned ending up getting changed a bit more that I would have liked so I think that was one of the week points.

It’s going to be my last unreal map for a while to because I don’t find the core game of UT3 very fun to play and The Haunted is a mod that I really love but I have done two maps for it and its time to move to a game I like to pay a lot. I am also working on getting a portfolio set up for when I will need it this time next year and am building a data base of studios that I think would be good for me to apply to, but a lot more on that next time when I post a longer update. On one side you have the industry fat cats who want to make as much money as possible and are probably making out that it’s a much bigger problem than it really is.

The past few weeks have been spent in Source working on a survival map for level 4 dead.

It’s my first map in that engine so I have also been running though video tutorials in order to learn the basics and how to all the l4d only things.

I think the early design had a few problems as in it was easy to jump out of the playable map area which forced me to block off area with extra high walls.

An idea that’s just a cheap work around so I have a few idea on how to change up the map tomorrow in order to fix this.

Then you have the people who want to pay for fuck all and think its fine to download as much music, games and movies all for free.

Isn’t it great to share media around so that more people can experience great artists and studio’s works?