Wouldn’t you rather hang out in the hotel bar to listen to the band play?” Macht jokingly said as he recalled his competition in the film being an architect.Although Moore may be into Johnny, her mom Diane Keaton is not and Macht has some hilarious scenes in the film with his “hero.” Despite their on-camera friction, Macht raved about how great she really. What you see on that film, how’s she wry and clever and sort of rambunctious, she’s that. Her energy is just so all over the place that I found that she was like that throughout filming with her. She was very straight and very present with me…I thought I would be the perfect guy for her daughter,” he laughed.

In the film, Macht plays Johnny, a lounge type musician who has a very cool sense of style.

But, the actor admitted it’s really not him at all.“I just thought, you know what, this guy is a real bohemian crazy artistic musician and he’s just funky. Sometimes I wear a vest and sometimes I wear a hat [like my character].”But, Johnny isn’t the only guy vying for Moore’s attention.

He likes to go to flea markets and pick up the odd piece and if this stuff matches okay great, if it doesn’t that’s his style. Jason (Tom Everett Scott) also wants her and neither one really knows Moore is dating them both.“With the other fellow, he’s the conservative guy.

This guy is the very liberal sort of playful single dad who just falls for Mandy’s character immediately when he sees her and I think brings her out of her shell a little bit and they compliment each other.

Not only has Gabriel Macht had a string of good luck with his latest movie roles, quickly making him one of Hollywood’s brightest actors, but he’s married to one of Tinseltown’s hottest ladies, Jacienda Barrett.

A couple of years ago, he starred alongside John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson in A Love Song for Bobby, and recently he had a role in Robert De Niro’s The Good Shepherd.Now you can catch the actor in Universal Pictures’ new romantic comedy Because I Said So, in which he plays one of Mandy Moore’s two love interests. I’ve got to work with more than two of my heroes this year, Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton.Coming sat down with the humble Macht for an exclusive chat about his new film, his thoughts on dating in a big city like Los Angeles and how he met his wife of two years. I’m so appreciate of the opportunities I have,” he tells us.I think there are tons of people out there and it’s just a matter of time.I kind of believe in fate in a way and that when the right person comes along, that’s the right person.I think it’s good to go out and meet a bunch of people and see who they are and what they’re about.