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How can I access work items associated to a change set in an Advisor or precondition on the server?

Here is an Advisor example that prevents delivery of change sets if they are associated to the wrong work item type. They were related to how to get the work item from a change set in an Advisor.

I thought it would be simple because I had done a lot with the work item link API on client and server already.

This is called hubris, I guess, and I found out the hard way, that the API from the Jazz SCM side is very different from what I was used to so far.

This blog is about an Advisor, so what is the difference?

A Participant is basically operational behavior that happens after a certain operation.

It can fail and roll back the save, but does not have to. An Advisor or precondition would be used If it is necessary to check certain conditions before an operation is performed.

Since it was so tough, I thought I should publish what I found, so that others can use it to jump start solving their own requirements.

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